Happiness, Kindness, and Forgiveness

I love that actual scientists actually studying the science of being happy. I try to incorporate this practice into my life using a reminder on my phone. Every day at 9:00am my phone posts this notification “Perform acts of kindness and forgiveness today.” I know it sounds silly. But silly I will be if it keeps me happy and keeps me learning.

Unexpectedly, I am learning about myself. What I have noticed more often than not when I see this notification is that I could use a little self-kindness and self-forgiveness at that moment of the day. I don’t always see it at 9:00am, sometimes I’m not next to my phone and I see this notification later in the day. But always, it gives me a warm feeling to remember to be kind to myself and forgive myself for blunders I make. It also triggers the thought in my head “We’re all in this together, we all want to forgive ourselves, forgive others, and be forgiven by others.”

Forgiveness, such a meaningful, healing concept. It doesn’t cost much and it makes you and others happier!